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Hello :-)

I'm trying to create new GIT repository that will function as code-review-repositiory for the  Upsource server to handle all the CR operations .

the main challange here is how to automaticlly merge all the changes that approved by the code review procedure.

important note - Only approved CR WILL BE Commited to the approved git repo.

Is there any Event handler or REST API i can use to achive this goal ?

I want to query the Upsource server and get the proper revisions / patchs and then apply them to the target git repo.

10x :)

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Hi Elad,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Upsource is post-commit review tool, so what you've described is not currently possible. We recognize priority of pre-commit code review feature, so it for sure it will be included in one of the future releases.

Here - you can track the status of this feature.


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