Blank screen on history view

I have installed Upsource 2.0.3462 and was able to configure the source code repository & gradle as the build config tool.
After navigating to a source file and clicking on the history tab, I get a blank screen (as shown below) instead of a view shown here - Anything wrong with the configuration?



Really weird behavior, could you please clarify the RAM size, type of CPU on the machine where Upsource is installed.

Also logs folder, including all subfolders from Upsource home directory will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


There is 9 GB more RAM free for upsource to use. So shouldn't be an issue on the memory front. The VM has 4 cpu cores each of  2.4 GHz. Let me know if you need more info

Should I be zipping the logs from the logs folder?

Also I realized that this issue is present only for specific classes - probably the ones that are edited more number of times. For a file which was edited just once I was able to see its history view correctly.


Well, your system resources should be enough to host Upsource instance.

Yes, please zip logs folder.


Oh, it seems its a UI problem. Scrolling on the right I realized that the history is shown but there is a lot of whitespace in between. Can something be done about it?


Hi Amit,

I created corresponding ticket at the upsource tracker - UP-4529.

Let's continue discussion there (I already posted couple of questions in its comments)

Regards, Denis


We experienced same issue (Branch-per-task development). There is missing scrollbar, leftover went below right sidebar.


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