How to add multiple commits to a single review


I'm trying to add multiple commits to a single review. How do I achieve that? We use Git and we don't use branches. We all use pull --rebase, so our changelog is one linear timeline. I want to pick some commits authored by me and  having a specific issue number in the commit comment and add them all to a single review. The only thing I can find is the "create review" icon at the end of each commit line in Upsource. But that creates a review for that single commit. I tried selecting multiple lines (they turn grey when clicked), but still a review is created with only the commit where I clicked. Am I missing something? Or is this simply not possible? (Which would be a major disappointment.)

Best regards,

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Hi Bart,

It's indeed possible to do that:

  1. Create a review with a single commit from the commits timeline
  2. Open that review
  3. Choose 'Revisions' tab (top-right)
  4. Click 'Add revision' button

Regards, Denis

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Thanks for the quick reply, Denis! I did check the revisions tab before, but the button was not showing because of the slowness of our Upsource intallation...


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