Pages not loading

I've just set up upsource on ubuntu 14.04 using the linux guide.

I've added a couple of projects using ssh and mercurial. Now I have an odd problem.

When navigating from one page to the next, the page does not fully load.

For example, when clicking the project name from the home page, the page loads with the grey box in the middle just contains the project title and the graph of the commits in the project do not load. The orange loading message appears and nothing else happens. Sometimes after 10 or so seconds the entire page will load.

However when I press F5 to reload the page and it reloads and displays the entire page instantly. The problem only occurs when clicking a hyperlink on upsource to navigate to another page.

This also occurs when clicking the upsource icon to load the projects and clicking a revision in the project view.

I've replicated this on more than one machine with both firefox and chrome.

Any pointers or ideas would be welcome.



Do you have any proxy configured for Upsource web UI?



The upsource server itself is configured to use a proxy to get to the internet.

My machine is configured to by pass it's proxy to connect to the upsource server.

Should i try disabling the proxy on the server?




Just for test if you have a chance. Btw which proxy are you using?


I think we use squid for the proxy, i wll give that a go tomorrow and report back.

thanks for your help.



To my knowledge, squid doesn't support web sockets, which are required for Upsource.

Please let me know if it helps.


As i was bypassing the proxy this wasn't the problem.

However I was running Kaspersky Anti Virus, on the off chance it was that I disabled it, and everything started to work normally. I'd guess it blocks websocket connections.

Thanks for your help.


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