IntelliJ integration stuck at "Waiting for Authorization"

I'm trying to connect IntelliJ to Upsource. I go into Settings>Tools>Upsource connection, enter the server URL and click "Test Connection"

IntelliJ presents a dialog box saying, "Waiting for Authorization". My browser (Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04) shows the Upsource login page, "Log in to Upsource Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA".

I have the Google auth module configured because my company uses Google apps. If I log in through Google (which otherwise works fine with Upsource), I see a blank grey page and IntelliJ continues to display "Waiting for Authorization". If I choose a locally-defined user (ie. the global administrator), the connection is successful.

Is there any way to integrate IntelliJ with Upsource using the Google auth module?


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Hi Russ,

It's a known issue, not fixed yet unfortunately. Please upvote/watch it here -

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OK, thanks Artem.


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