[help] why it always redirect to http://localhost.localdomain???????

why upsource always redirect to the url:


Hi Zhang,

Probably base-url was configured that way or there is some misconfiguration on the proxy side(if you have any). Could you please clarify how did you configure Upsource, what did you put into Base Url field? Do you have any proxy?


I'm sorry to reply so late
there is no proxy and my operations are:
upsource server:
bin/upsource.sh configure --listen-port 8000
bin/upsource.sh start

my local computer:
visit http://serverip:8000

and install , but upsource always starting...
attatchment is the detail log , thanks very much


Hi Zhang,

You might want to configure base url with the following commands:

bin/upsource.sh stop
bin/upsource.sh configure --listen-port 8000 --base-url=http://serverip:8000
bin/upsource.sh start

Also per logs we see that sufficient resource limits are not set as needed, section "Resource limits on Linux" onn this page https://www.jetbrains.com/upsource/help/1.0/install_config.html will help you to configure it properly.


well done! I got it !
I'm so careless ,just the base-url configure I missed. thanks very much!


We are having an issue similar to this, however a bit more complicated. We have an internal network which upsource is on. I have configured the base url with the servers ip on the internal network. Everything works great on the internal network no problems.
The problem occurs when an external network ip is mapped to the upsource servers ip on the internal network, we can access the login page, but when we try to logon, it uses the base url ip, that is the server ip and our external network cannot access. It can't find the url after the redirect. I would configure the base url to the external IP, however it needs to be used on both the internal IP and the external IP.

Is there a way to use both IPs, or is there way to tell upsource to use what ever ip it is being requested with? Hope this makes sense.


Hi Frederick,

Such configuration is not supported in the current version of the product unfortunately. Currently you can configure Upsource only for one IP, internal or external..

We've created a feature request to support such configuration, so it might appear in one of the future versions of the product.


Ok, thanks for creating the feature request.


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