HowTo Buildsystem IntelliJIdea ?

Hi !,

Unfortunately we do not use Maven. (but ANT). So i have to use the IntelliJ Idea Buildsystem.

Now my Question is how to use it ? The developers have all their own .idea Directory for their Project.

Our Project looks like this:

MainProjekt (one Projekt for idea with one .idea Folder

Filesystem looks like

MainProject Directory  (/home/dev1/workspace/mainproject)
Modul_1 Directory (/home/dev1/workspace/mainproject/modul_1
Modul_2 Directory (/home/dev1/workspace/mainproject/modul_2
Modul_3 Directory (/home/dev1/workspace/mainproject/modul_3

The .idea Folder is located in the mainproject folder (/home/dev1/workspace/mainproject/.idea) and is not in any git repo
every Modul has its own git repo and every dev has cloned it from an central git repo to his workspace.

so i want to create a project for every modul in upsource from the central git repos (one git repo for each modul)

My question is which ".idea" folder i have to specifiy on build system field in project settings dialog ? it is not in git and it is shared over the different modules as you can see ;)

since the .idea folder should not located in git repo (i dont think this is sensible because there are developer specific settings in it ?) i have no idea how to tell upsource to get the .idea folder

Any hints are very welcome !

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The only way to tell Upsource to get .idea folder is to add this folder to repository. Upsource 2.0 EAP ( that just recently became available allows to configure Upsource projects with multi repositoires, so you might be interested in trying it out. If you decide to go this way, you will be able to put all your modules in the same Upsource project and specify just one path to .idea folder. In you case it will be path to MainProjekt idea folder (and of course to make it working, .idea folder should be added to the MainProjekt repository).

Please let me know if it makes sense


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