Up and running Upsource on Ubuntu 14.04

Hey all...

I have a really weird problem on running Upsource on my Ubuntu 14.04.
When I start the app with upspurce.sh start command, everything goes fine till it tries to open the URL in browser.
From then, the java process swallows hard drive (HDD LED won't stop) and machine freeze for long time, and nothing happen at all.
After one hour, I finally have to reset the machine to be able to work with that again, and this scenario happens every time I try to start the app.

Any help on how to resolve this issue, would be really appreciated.
Best Regards

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Hi Hamed,

Could you please clarify ram size of Upsource machine?

Also entire contents of logs folder from Upsource home directory will be helpful. When you have a chance please post it here or send to upsource-support@jetbrains.com.

Thanks in advance.


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