Help setting up Upsource

I'm a bit confused about the installation ... I'm logged in as admin, and I am able to add users, edit roles, permission etc. But when I try to add a Project, I can't locate the "Repository URL" field. I get a dialog where I can input Key and Name, then I get to a page with Settings, Resources and Access tabs. In Resources, the first drop down has a single item "Hub", the second drop down has a single item "New Users". Where should I input Repository URL?

Directory "Upsource\data\vcs-settings\" looks empty.

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Hi Boris,

You're in the Hub settings. Hub is a subsystem for managing permissions, creating users, configuring smtp settings and so on. To create a new project you might want to go to Upsource administration. There are some inconsistency in navigation between Hub and Upsource in the current version, that should be adjusted in the coming releases, so the best way to return to Upsource is to edit url manually to http://your-host-name:port_for_upsource

After that this instructions should help you to create a first project:

Let me know if it helps.

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Thanks, now I am able to create projects

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