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Hello. Sorry for my english!
Why can not I choose a set in the JDK 1.7 and 1.8 in Upsource Properties? I installed both versions JDK on the system, but the choice does not appear. This is not implemented yet?


Hi Denis,

In order to use JDK version greater than JDK 1.7 (1.8 in your case), you should import that version explicitly, regardless of the platform:

  • Install and start Upsource.

  • Run the following command:

    • Windows:

      <upsource_home>/lib/upsource-console.bat import-jdk "1.8" <path-to-installed-jdk>/jre
    • Linux or Mac OS:

      <upsource_home>/lib/ import-jdk "1.8" <path-to-installed-jdk>/jre

Please let me know if it helps.

Hi Artem,
Thank you for help me!

I did import-jdk but what to do after the line "Opsurtse Bundle" I do not know.

I will try to describe the situation in more detail, because I think I'm wrong reportedly denounced the situation.

I ran Upsource under jdk 1.7, the one that comes in the kit. (Upsource\internal\java\windows-amd64\ JAVA_VERSION="1.7.0")

In the very same system Windows I have installed jdk 1.8 and in the analysis of the code I used jdk 1.8

Where I want to see jdk1.7 and 1.8:


Hi Denis,

It's my fault, the instructions I gave you is not excatly correct.

To import JDK successfully, you should run:


And then, after "Upsource bundle" line, run the following command:

     import-jdk "1.8" <path-to-installed-jdk>/jre

After that, you should see all available JDK versions in the "Project JDK" dropdown list.

Please let me know if it helps.


Hi Artem,
it works!
Thank you so much! :)



I am using Upsource 2017.3.2774 and the import-jdk command does not seem to be supported anymore by upsource-console.

How do I import a JDK into upsource? I would like it to use Oracle jdk instead of OpenJDK.



Yuriy Yatsyk


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