View all unresolved comments for a project?

Our team is currently trying to implement Upsource as our code review tool.
Our current process for reviewing code is to have a group meeting once a week and open a new review in Upsource on a revision where we identify a problem.
This works fine as we can get a list of all the reviews for the project and find issues that need to be fixed.

However, for each issue that we're migrating into Upsource, we're making sure it is still valid against current code, and if it is, adding a comment on the head of our repository.
My question is this: Is there any way to get a list of all unresolved comments in a project, similar to the list of reviews?
If not, is there a way to create a review without adding any specific revision into it, and rather just using it as a container for comments so it can be listed in the Reviews page?

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Hi Ian,
Thanks for your request.
I've added "list of all unresolved comments for a project" feature in our tracker - , please upvote it when you have a chance.

As for your second question regarding using review without any revisions and  as a container for comments, it's a bit against product ideology, but for such needs we are going to implement issue tracker integration, that allows to create items in our tracker from most important and useful comments in Upsource.   


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