Is it possible to deny global observers access to specific projects?

I have a single project which is security sensitive, and only a subset my users should even know that it exists.
At the same time, new projects that everyone should see pop up quite often.

My current solution is to remove global observer from the all users group, and add to it the project observer roles for all projects.  This won't scale for long.

So:  is there another way to do this?

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Hi Espen,

Thanks for your request.

Unfortunately no,  you will need to add project observer role manually after creating each new project.

How often do you add new projects?

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That's unfortunate.  :(

In the start phase of Upsource usage, we'd be adding projects almost daily until all the team's ~75 repositories
were added.  An API to add projects would be helpful here.  :)

Also, cross-project reviews would fit our workflow really well, since often a single task requires changes in many repositories.  B-)

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Ok, thanks for the clarification, we'll be implementing some API in the future versions of the product but for now the only way to add projects is manually.

As for cross project review, I've added a feature request to our tracker - you can upvote it and track the progress.


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