How to diff a file between 2 specifics changelist?


Let's say I commit a file 3 times, so there are 3 differents changelists: CL-a, CL-b and CL-c. Is there a way to diff the file between CL-a and CL-c (side-by-side)?


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Hi Martin,

Yes you can do it. If you open e.g. CL-a commit, there will be a link in the top called "Compare to". After clicking to it you will be able to specify another commit that you want to compare to.

Please let me know if it helps.

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Thanks Artem for your answer.

However, this is not really user friendly. It involves knowing the commit id you want to compare to. I wish I could have a list of commit (with descriptions) in order to choose what I want to compare against what.


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