Upsource Features - Support for Atlassian Stash and integration with pull requests?

Upsource looks like a great tool - two questions that I couldn't find in the documentation:
1] Is Atlassian Stash supported?
2] Is there a way to integration Upsource into the pull request process (for Atlassian Stash)?

Many thanks!


Hi Todd,

JetBrains Upsource is a repository browser and code review tool, so Stash is more a competitor for us than an object for integration.

Could you please clarify how do you want to use Upsource and what are your needs?



Stash allows creating Git repositories and branches, forking, setting up pull requests, merging, and managing permissions in repositories which Upsource does not currently (read only no write).  Upsource's analytics and searching is far superior than Stash (I would call it non-existent in Stash even).  It's pull request support is limited (see the open Atlassian tickets about it) which makes it difficult for managers to get a view into what is going on with their ip.


Hi Todd,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Yes, that's correct, for now Stash is far behind in some directions comparing to Upsource. But it's only the first version of Upsource being released. We have all of this features such as repository and branch creation, setting up pull requests, managing repository permissions and etc in our roadmap and will be implementing it in the future versions of the product.

Please let me know if it helps.



I think it is a de-facto standard to support pull requests. However, we couldn't find anything about it. In upsource feature page, it says upsource is avalable for Github pull requests, even then, without using github, we still want to use pull request in our servers too. 

The competitor Stash and also git support of TFS lets you create pull request and review, abondon etc.

Is this still on your road map to implement pull requests? Because we want to review feature branches before it is merged into the master.


Hi Gunhan,

Pull requests are supported only for GutHub repos for now, that's correct. We do have plans to extend this feature for BitBucket and GitLab pull/merge requests:; by the way, what VCS solution do you use?

There is still an opportunity to review feature branches before merging them to master, just without a pull request. Doesn't it work for you?



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