How to do a complete backup ?

Seems that that automatic backup from within Upsource doesn't backup Cassandra at all,
what is the suggested way for doing a complete backup?

is it best to stop Upsource and copy the data/ dir ?


Hi Gal,

That's correct, we do not backup Cassandra at all since the folder size can grow up to 30-40X from your repository size. The second reason is that all data stored in Cassandra folder can be recovered from your VCS.


are reviews/comments/... stored in Cassandra or are they being backupd with the internal backup option ?
is there a reason to backup Cassandra at all ?



Reviews/comments/etc are stored in Cassandra, too.
Out 'backup" procedure extracts this data from DB for the sake of
  1) Backup size
  2) Ability to patch the files for some reasons

Backing up the entire database data folder produces a far larger backup size, but the restore will be lightning fast, since Upsource will not have to re-import the VCS


so persisting the "backups" dir is enough for complete restore ?


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