How to add a Context Root or Web Context to UpSource

The "upsource help configure" command simply says to use a key=value type thing, but doesn't list any keys (that might have been helpful...)

I have a site with multiple services and so for proxyPass to work correctly, I need to set a context root of upsource to the UpSource service.  Basically my external  will proxy and proxy reverse to http://upsource.internal.server:8080/upsource

I know historically that most apps will look for folders using a slash e.g. /imgs and so proxying from a context root to a non-context root won't work correctly e.g. to http://upsource.internal.server:8080/  will not work since e.g. /imgs/image.jpg will look for and that simply won't be there and muck everything up like the css and images, etc.

In other words, I'm looking for a way e.g. using the configure command to add a context root or web context or whatever you call it.   

Pls. advise.  Our company will probably have 50 externally and up to 2000 if it's useful internally.  

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Hi Moe,

Unfortunately support static content for non-root context is not implemented yet. This feature is planned for the next Upsource version. We have an issue in our bug tracker for that - you can upvote it and track the progress.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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