Auth Module LDAP Configuration

I have the LDAP auth module added and I'm configuring it.

As near as I can tell, I have everything configured correctly but I can't get 'test login' to work:

Server URL : "ldap://ip_address_of_ad_server"
DN Transform : "OU=Development,OU=Users,OU=AHA,DC=aha,DC=local"
Filter : "sAMAccountName=%u"

Active Directory looks like this:



Inside the "development" OU are our developers, including myself. My username for the domain is rburnham.

Regardless of what I try, when testing the login I always get "User Not Found"

What is wrong with my configuration?

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Hi Robert,

Please try the following settings:

Server URL: ldap://ip_address_of_ad_server/ou=Development,ou=Users,ou=AHA,dc=aha,dc=local
DN transform: %u@aha.local
Filter: sAMAccountname=%u

Please let me know if it helps.


Best Regards,

Artem Rokhin


"Develop with Pleasure!"


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