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I just performed an upgrade from the very 1st EAP build to build 1.0.12273 following the instructions here [1]. I logged in with a user that previously had admin access to a project but that user no longer sees the project. I can see the project in the Hub view but not from Upsource. Thoughts?


[1] - http://

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Hi Noah,

Sorry for the delayed response.

We guess that permissions of your user were overwritten during the upgrade process. In order to grant permissions back and make your project is visible please grant “Project admin” role to your user.

In order to do that navigate to,  find your user in the list and click on it, switch to the “Access” tab and click on the “+ Grant Access” button. Select “Project admin” role and your project that disappeared from Upsource, then click to “Grant Access“ button.

Changes will take effect after you relogin to Upsource.

Please let me know if it helps.


Bets Regards,
Artem Rokhin
"Develop with Pleasure!"

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