UPsource intellij Idea plugin

I am using intellij Idea 15.0.3 and up source 2.5.5047

My IDEA project has two maven projects (two subversion projects). I configured upsource plugin. Up source has two projects corresponds to two project I have in IDEA. When I try to search reviews only one upsource project reviews are shown.

My first question is when two projects are open (please note I am not talking about two IDEA instances; in one idea instance two maven projects) how does upsource plugin to be configured for correct up source project for corresponding maven project?

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Hi Dasun,

Upsource plugin can serve only one project in a time.

Here you have two options - either switch between projects in Upsource plugin or setup a single project in Upsource with multi roots.

Hope it helps. 

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Thanks Artem. Any idea how up source project and IDEA project get mapped automatically by IDEA?


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Upsource plugin maps projects from Upsource and IDEA by revisions IDs.

Btw, you might be interested in upvoting this feature request -


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