Mercurial Fingerprint


I wanted to setup a project for mercurial. The repository was hosted via https and hg needed the fingerprint in the hgrc. So I tried to add it to the hgrc of the user, upsource is running with. For testing the connection to the repository it worked, but not for checking out the project. So I put the fingerprint into the temporary hg location (Upsource/temp/upsource-analyzer/vcs-service/caches/plugins/mercurial/hg*/.hg/hgrc) and checked the project out by myself. This did work, but upsource did not recognise the change. I restarted upsource itself, but the UI said, it could not initialize the project. After putting the fingerpringt into the global /etc/mercuial/hgrc, it did work, but I am not sure, this what got upsource to accept the fingerprint of the hg repository. Is there any best practice? I could not find any documentation on this topic.


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