Is after clause in query removed from upsource 2.5?

I was using query "after: {2015-Nov-16 00:00} and not(#review) and branch: {*#modules}" which used to work before; but since upgrade to 2.5 version, "after" clause seems to be not working anymore. It's not even suggested in query and if I try it, it shows red underline idicating error for "after: {2015-Nov-16 00:00}".
I see there is "date" clause in query, but I cannot seem to figure out how to use it for date range like date: "{2015-Nov-16 00:00 and 2015-Nov-23 23:59}.Please help.

after query not working.PNG
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Hi Deepak,

Yes, this part has been changed a bit in Upsource 2.5.. Now you might use the following querry:

date: and not(#review) and branch: {*#modules}

Please let me know if it helps.

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Thank you Artem. This will work for us! I did not find documentation which has example of how to use this date range clause. If it actually is not in document, please think about adding one example there as it might help others too! :)

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Already added :)  We be available with the next documentation update.


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