Backing up Hub

I have upsource linked to an external hub - if that hub service fails/dies, will there be anyway I can recover that upsource installation?

I had to do this once already, but I happened to have the pre-hub-migration /conf available?

Is there a process for backing up the Hub?

Fuller details:

I installed a standalone hub,
I migrated upsource successfully.
I migrated youtrack - migration failed - and killed the hub. I was not able to recover  the hub, and had to restore upsource from it's pre-migration conf.


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Hi Mike,

Decent backup procedure for Hub is not implemented yet.

Here is an issue for it - Btw, first comment describes how to workaround it.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks Artem,

That's great - as long as it's possible then that's fine by me.

I'll backup the hub data and conf.

Many thanks.


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