How to execute a Selenium driven process on a different system from team city server.

The details of the scenario goes like this:

There is a desktop A which has some hardwares connected to it. We have a java code that employs selenium, and some other tools to automate a test scenario under which few values fetched from the hardware display is compared to some other value fethced from a log file.

Now our requirement is that we want to integrated this with Teamcity. We have a teamcity server installed on a remote machine B which is accessible through a defined URL. Now how do we trigger the test scenario automation on desktop A by logging into the remote server B's server UI. Given that the when we execute the automation on desktop A locally, we do it by simply running a batch file, all the required resources are also on this same desktop.

What we have already tried is installing the server on desktop A, and then accessing it teamcity server UI on another system, by putting desktop A's ip in the browser address. We were able to run it, but this is not we are trying to achieve.

We are using team city 8.1.4

Suggestion and solutions are welcomed.

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Hi Amit,

Thanks for reaching out JetBrains Upsource forum.

You might probably want to post your questions on TeamCity forum here -


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