Error upgrading from Upsource 2.0 to 2.5

We've upgraded from Upsouce from 2.0 to 2.5

We followed the upgrade instructions, copying the conf and data directories from the backup into the new installation.

The new 2.5 installation runs up, but fails to "Failed to complete project initialization tasks" in the analyzer.

I've attached the

The first error I can find is in /Upsource/logs/upsource-analyzer/upsource-analyzer-stderr.log


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out.

What I can see per logs is that "Failed to complete project initialization tasks" happens because Upsource receives stop/restart command and upsource-analyzer service getting terminated.

Could you please share some details here? You start Upsource, than wait for some time and restart it? Also could you please clarify what actually happens in Upsource UI?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Artem, thanks for your reply.

We had to kill the initilisation process before it filled the local disk
We move /data to a larger disk and sym link it.

It looks like it took the server offline whilst it was analyzing the project.

I JUST found the 'reset project' button on the project admin page, which has restarted the analysis.

Fingers crossed that's all I need. (This will probably take most of today and tonight to finish...)

I will report back once this reset has complete, but the logs look promising so far.


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Thanks for the update! Please let me know how it goes.

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The project has come up now.

Indexing is in progress for the submissions.

I'm not seeing any of our review data, which should have migrated. Should I be worried?

I'll let the indexing finish and see if the reviews can be reassociated with the submissions once they are indexed...

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Not yet  Please wait for analyzer to complete its job.

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'reset project' did fix the problem with loading the project - however the data migration never succeeded.

I started from scratch (new installation with fresh copy of conf and data) and this completed successfully.

So - if the initial upgrade is interupted is can be fatal - which is not unreasonable.

It just means you need to have enough disk space.

I found the installer happy to do the upgrade where upsource/data was a symbolic link to a larger disk.


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