Automatic Review Creation

I discussed this point in a different thread but it would be worth discussing it separately. I understand that upsource does not provide the flexibility to automatically create reviews on every commit. That has its own downsides for manual follow ups, missed reviews etc. It would be great if you could reconsider this or as an alternative automatically create reviews by parsing git commit messages for e.g. look for #reviewthis (like github does) and #attach123 to attach the current git commit to the review 123.

Note reviewboard does support automatic review creation and parsing git commit messages. Looks like a good feature to have, doesn't it?



I see the later part of "attaching commits to a revision" already supported in version 2.5. Please ignore this part.


That's correct -

Btw, 2.5 EAP is already available for download.


Any comment on automatic review creation?



It's a different story. What do you think might be the best scenario here:

1. Add an option in project administration - "Create review on each commit". Who should be an assignee in that case? We have a default reviewers feature in our roadmap -, that might be a answer here, however I'm not sure.


2. Automatically create reviews via commit message - "#reviewthis". The same question here.

Thanks for the clarification.


Yes, the default reviewer strategies discussed on the yourtrack issue would be the way out.


Ok, so please watch for the issue, when it's done, you'll be able to implement automatic review creation through Upsource API.


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