Mandating code reviews

We have started using upsource for doing code reviews in our organization and are in a mode of establishing a code review practice. We are using git as our version control system. We were thinking of a practice of having a development branch where all the development is done and later merge it with mainline once a review is accepted and closed.

  1. Can this merge be automated by integrating upsource with teamcity (our CI server) through the upsource rest api?
  2. What are some of the other best practices being followed along the same lines to make sure every code commit gets reviewed before going into production?


Hi Amit,

Integration with TeamCity is on the roadmap but so far no estimates yet. For now you can use Upsource API to throw some custom alarm about unreviewed commits in the master. It can be done via HTTP get request with a query like this | branch:master and not #{closed review} and date: {this week} |

Please refer to API documentation for more information. The link to API doc is located in the right bottom corner on any Upsource page.

Hope it helps.


On a second thought, I do not think we need much of an integration with teamcity. We need a plugin kind of mechanism that gets kicked off whenever a review is closed (kind of a listener). We can then write custom code to do a git merge.

Is there a way to write custom plugin in upsource?



Sorry for the delay. Nothing we can offer at this point right now. Hope things change while we move forward with TeamCity integration.


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