Upsource upgrade to 2.0 failed ...

HI all,

I was using the 1.0 release from early this year. Worked great.
I followed the isntructions

And now it is simply not starting up.
In logs/upsource-analyzer/error.log I see

[2015-09-16 14:06:09,937] ERROR APP-WRAPPER] Proxy 1                 end.cli.UpsourceAnalyzerDaemon - Unable to start daemon
java.lang.RuntimeException: Core version mismatch. Database update not possible

For 2 minutes I see in the process list
/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_60/jre/bin/java -Djl.service=Upsource Launcher... a.s.o.
but then silence.

I am using the JDK installation from Oracle on a CentOS 6.7 Linux.

Somebody experienced the same ?
Thank you !

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Yes, we've seen such issues before and usually they happened after performing regular upgrade procedure. What I mean:

1. Copy data&conf folder from Upsource_old home directory
2. Paste it to Upsource_new home dir
3. Start Upsource

This process is not supported while upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0, unfortunately.

What you might want to do is

1. Launch Upsource 1.0 again
2. Make a backup in Upsource UI
3. Stop Upsource 1.0
4. Navigate to backup folder on your file system (e.g. opt/upsource/backups/<date_of_backup>)
5. Copy data and conf folders from there and paste it to Upsource 2.0 home directory (before pasting, please make sure you've deleted default conf folder from there.)
6. Start Upsource 2.0

Please let me know if it helps.


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