Java Code Insight for Ant Projects

Hi everyone,

we're using Upsource to review our ant projects written with Eclipse, but unfortunatly we can't use the java code insight functionalities, which we like a lot.
Are you planning on implementing ant support for those code insight functionalities? On the long run we would like to switch to IntelliJ, so we thought about importing our projects in IntelliJ and pushing the .idea-folder to our repository, but this doesn't sound like a good idea, while we're still using Eclipse. Or might there be another way to get the java code insight functions?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, Ant support is on the list, but I'm afraid that it will be implemented not in the nearest future. By the way here is a request regarding Ant projects that you might want to upvote and/or watch.

Besides of IDEA model, Upsource also supports Maven and Gradle projects, so switching to one of these build systems might be an option while you still using Eclipse.

Not sure if it helps but hope it answers on your questions.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Artem,

thanks for your answer! Good to know and another reason to switch to IntelliJ...
I will upvote the request anyway ;)

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We also use Ant, Ivy and Eclipse.  Even though our team uses eclipse, would all I need to do is setup the project in Intellij community edition (using the ivy plugin) then push the .intellij folders? 

We plan to move to Gradle but that will be awhile yet.


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Hi there,

Yes, you can try doing that. Please let us know if this scenario was successful for you,

Not .intellij but .idea folders.


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what if we have generated code with our ant scripts? I have an `idea` folder checked-in but it is incumbent upon the person checking out the repo (upsource in this case) to run `ant generate.source` at least once to get the files needed for intelliJ to build our software. Can this be done smartly?



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