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I have been using upsource version 2.0.3462 and have been experiencing quite some disk usage being done by the tool. I realized that it added up around 3 GB in 3-4 days. There have not been any code reviews we are doing recently. There has been constant code commits in the git repo which upsource might be pulling up in frequent intervals but those shouldn't be this huge. There is only one project configured in upsource.

  1. Any configuration settings I might be missing?
  2. Any clean up that could be run at periodic intervals that can help reduce or free up the disk usage?


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Hi Amit,

Code reviews doesn't take much space on the disk, but constant code commits especially with enabled in Upsource "Code Intellegence" do. Upsource pulls code commits, import all data from repo, build indexes and so on. It can take some space. In some cases internal database can grow up to 100x from the repository size.

Btw, were there any special/unusual commits for the recent week?

With the next major release "indexing" will be performed on demand. More or less it will help with disk space usage.


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