How to create review on multiple commits?

My case:
create review for all code that is committed today by particular developer.

How to do this in Upsource?

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Update: there may be many commits, clicking each one with mouse is not acceptabe

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Hi Yury,

One by one in the current version unfortunately..

However I've created corresponding request that you might want to upvote and watch.

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Quick update: With the latest product update (Upsource 2.0.3) you might find "select all" option while adding revisions. So the flow in you case might look as follows:

1. Find all revisions you want to review e.g. author: {John} date:today
2. Create a review for one of the revision in the search results
3. Open review, go to revisions -> Add revision (the search query should be already there)
4. Click to "Select All" and then "Add selected revisions"

Does it work for you?


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