Upsource just removed 21 revisions from a review and I don't know why

A bunch of revisions were "removed by Upsource" from an in-progress branch review. Looking at the branch details in Upsource only lists the revisions that have occurred since it decided to remove them from the review. Why did this happen? How do I stop it from happening again? Is there an easier way to add them back other than selecting them each manually?


Hi Benjamin,

Let's try to understand why it happened and how to prevent it in the future. Could you please make a screenshot of your branch graph and paste it here? Also were there any actions around the branch right before revisions got removed?


Here is the graph of descendants of the branch being reviewed (code_buffer). Oddly, in the review timeline Upsource is removing those same revisions from the review over and over again, something like a dozen times now.


(this next image excludes many revisions in order to show the repetition)


Hi Ilya,

This happens when branch got merged into another, and the removed revisions are no more unique to the given branch. So, it's expected behaviour. We'll add some event with a reason into the timeline about this in the future versions.


Thank you for response, reason is clear for me, but there is one more related issue.
Why it is happened continuously? We have a heavy code review on branch with 1.5 month and ~70 commits.
And timeline is full of auto generated messages like those what I sent. Full screenshot is (1548x27370px on 25% of zoom)
All those messages are almost same (I had to manually include commits to continue with review) and tells me that Upsource removed commits (same commits removed again and again)


When a new commit appears in the branch, Upsource goes through all revisions attached to the branch review and delete those which are not unique for the branch. Unfortunately it also happens to revisions that were manually added to the review.

We do plan to adjust it in the next version, so if you manually add some revisions to the branch review, they wouldn't be deleted from branch review. Upsource 2.0 release scheduled for May..


Sadly, the problem still takes a place.
Are there any changes withing 2.0.* ?


For me, all related issues was solved after upgrading to Build 2.0.3462



What are the symptoms in our case and what Upsource version are you using?



There were some commits in branch RT322342 (let's call it A). Then i created child branch RT323599 (let's call it B). After that previous commits of A became inaccessible in branch-view mode:


Also, if we look at first graph, it looks like branch B is parent of branch A, but it's not realy so.

The same time, if we enter inside older branch A commit, we can see that commit is associated with both A and B branches, and it looks correct.


Well, so you speak about branch view, but not about a branch review. It's a bit different thing.

On the first screenshot, branch "RT322342" has 7 commits, the same on the second screenshot. Could you please clarify what's wrong here?

Could you please make the same screenshots but only from native VCS client?



Currently, i don't use any other GUI tool for mercurial.

Here is the output of hg log -b RT322342:

changeset:   22226:141810c855d1
branch:      RT322342
date:        Wed Jul 15 19:23:41 2015 +0300
summary:     sync with default

changeset:   22221:6d739f7588a8
branch:      RT322342
date:        Wed Jul 15 16:13:15 2015 +0300
summary:     HttpClient parameters renamed

changeset:   22220:a151880a5078
branch:      RT322342
date:        Wed Jul 15 14:32:51 2015 +0300
summary:     sync with 323921

changeset:   22219:7eeb94db8e19
branch:      RT322342
date:        Wed Jul 15 14:32:26 2015 +0300
summary:     sync with default

changeset:   22201:a7b3da067cb3
branch:      RT322342
date:        Mon Jul 13 19:43:31 2015 +0300
summary:     HostnameResolver test fixed

changeset:   22199:eb0461fa3b2a
branch:      RT322342
date:        Mon Jul 13 19:19:20 2015 +0300
summary:     test-depends fixed

changeset:   22189:ce91aee2bb3c
branch:      RT322342
date:        Mon Jul 13 16:07:31 2015 +0300
summary:     sync with default

########### Lines below are absent in branch view of Upsource ################

changeset:   22153:17260f38f99a
branch:      RT322342
date:        Fri Jul 10 16:26:26 2015 +0300
summary:     small fixes

changeset:   22152:48fcf63875d6
branch:      RT322342
date:        Thu Jul 09 22:07:24 2015 +0300
summary:     ReloadHttpClient test added

changeset:   22151:535291d2b413
branch:      RT322342
date:        Thu Jul 09 20:25:07 2015 +0300
summary:     Tests fixed after http_client section added

changeset:   22141:4b9d51d77f88
branch:      RT322342
date:        Thu Jul 09 19:31:36 2015 +0300
summary:     HttpClient section created in config structure. Reloading supported


By the way, after one more sync with default branch we have the following situation:


We use 2.0.3554 of Upsource. content:

#Bundle version properties
#Fri, 26 Jun 2015 13:52:11 +0300


And screens of some tools



hgtk (tortoisehg):




Thanks, all of the info does make sense, however it seems to be expected behavior from Upsource side and here is simple explanation:

Upsource does show only unique commits for the given branch and filter out all other commits that are related to other/child branches. Yes, such behavior is more friendly to git world, however we do plan to introduce some related enhancements in the coming releases.



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