IntelliJ plugin: No project detected


I have two projects defined in Upsource. One is working fine, but the other won't work with the IntelliJ-integration. It says: "Upsource Request Error: No project detected". What can I do about that? How are projects matched?

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We used to have some issues with project detection within Upsource plugin for IntelliJ that should be fixed now.

Could you please clarify the version of Upsource and Upsource plugin you are using?

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I have the same problem. There seems to be no way of telling the plugin what project to use, so I don't know how it decides which project is correct. I tried creating a project in Upsource with the same name, but it didn't find that one either. I'm using Upsource 2.02, plugin version 2.1.708.2.



We have Upsource version 2.0.3554 and I'm using IntelliJ 14.1.4 / build 141.1532, with Upsource plugin version 2.1.708.2.


Please do following:
1. Help | Configure debug log settings...
2. type #com.jetbrains.upsource
3. Reopen the project and get "No project detected" result again
4. Help | Show log in...
5. Attach idea.log file here


Hi Eugene,

I'm very sorry, but this morning the problem disappeared suddenly. I'm not able to reproduce it anymore. I'll be adding new projects the days to come, I have the logging on for upsource, I'll let you know if the problem occurs again.

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Bart Kummel


Oh, you know what, I think this might have to do with the fact that we don't have a complete project on Upsource due to



I have the same problem.

Version Upsource - 2.0.3554
Plugin Version - 2.1.708.2

The service is available through a browser.

When connecting the plug-in, the service was opened in the browser, after the authorization is already on the site PhpStrom automatically opened and informed that the connection was successful ->> Projects were not found.

What to do?


There are many "timeout" errors in the log. There is similar issue in the tracker: Could you please attach server logs (logs folder from <Upsource_home_directory>) to the issue or (if you can't) look at it yourself for some error occuring when you get the error in the IDE. Thank you!


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