"Indexing in progress" for more than 12 hours. How to find out the reason?


My project is being indexed for more than 12 hours. No /.idea/gradle/gradle.out, no /.idea/model.info files have been created.
Could someone point me what log files to search for explanation?

Upsource Build 2.0.3554



Hi Konstantin,

You might want to check log files under <Upsource_home_dir>\logs\upsource analyzer or post this folder here.

Looking forward on your reply.


Hi Artem,

Thank you for the reply.

I've checked the logs but haven't found any suspicious.
May I send you the logs in a private way, as I'm not sure whether they contain a sensitive information?


Thanks for sending it.

Indeed, nothing suspicious, except time it takes to download content from your repo. Could you please clarify the size of your git repository and ram&CPU on the machine where Upsource is installed?

Also it would helpful to check the full Upsource logs for any unrelated to analyzer issues. You might send it to the same e-mail address.



Hi Artem,

The Git repository is tiny - just 1.4M, it's a sample project. So the size can not be a problem.
The computer Upsource is running at is a real server hardware with 4 cores / 32G RAM.
I suspect that the machine or Upsource user has some network restrictions on OS level, but I need some evidences which I cannot figure out from the logs. There are some exceptions, but I'm not sure that they are meaningful.

I'm sending the full logs to the support email, please look at them.

Thank you.


Hi Konstantin,

Yep, the repo is tiny and machine is really powerful for Upsource purposes..

One strange thing per logs, gradle command has started several days ago and there is no any update from it:

>>>>[2015-07-06 14:58:27,181] INFO  yzer:INDEX_CLUSTER-1 -sample-library onversion.gradle.GradleSupport - Running gradle command:  

Seems that gradle process has hanged out. Could you please find it's process, kill it and restart Upsource?

Thanks in advance.


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