Does upsource have an API I can use to create an integration with other tools?

I would like to access Upsource's API for building integrations into other tools.  How can I do this?


Hi Robert,

Upsource API will be available in version 2.0. Release planned for end of May.


Hi Robert,

Just curious - what kind of integration do you have in mind?



Thanks!  Sorry I'm not at liberty to elaborate, just some internal tooling that we use.

I downloaded the 2.0 EAP version, but where can I find documentation about the API  ?


Ah nevermind, I found it here:

But the documentation seems very limited.  Is there a list of possible method names some where ?


I would like to be have a review created automatically for every commit (Or pull request for GitHub). Review board has that option through their API.

And in any case the API allows people to try ideas that the product designer haven't even thought of. I think it's very beneficial for a product.


Hi Guy,

Yes, Upsource provides an extension API, you can find more details by clicking the 'API' reference at the bottom-right of the upsource page:


Regards, Denis


The API link seems to have disappeared. Did the extension API get canceled?


Hi Brad,

Actually not. We didn't remove API and not going to =) 

There was an ugly bug - unnecessary scroll on the main page. Could you please check if you are at the bottom of the page?

Also you could try to access API doc via direct link: 


Hope it helps.


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