Branch reviews can't sync with parent?


I'm probably missing something pretty simple here but let's imagine this work flow.

  1. I create a branch "feature_branch" off "master"
  2. I do a bunch of work in "feature_branch", commit my changes and push to the origin.
  3. I create a branch review in Upsource for "feature branch"
  4. My colleagues do a bunch of useful work in "master".
  5. I merge my colleagues' work from "master" into "feature_branch"; I push to the origin.

Now when I look at the "feature_branch" branch review in Upsource, I see a bunch of diffs representing my colleagues' work in "master". This work is good, it's already been reviewed, I don't need to see it as part of the review for "feature_branch" unless there's some sort of conflict that's been resolved. Is there any way to isolate the changes between the current state of "feature_branch" and the current state of "master"? ie. the view that I get when I do - except that view doesn't seem like it's intended as a starting point for a code review.
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Hi Russ,

It's by design. In case of branch review Upsopurce considers that all commits in the branch should be reviewed. The question here - was there an Upsource review for commits your colleague has made in master?

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Ah, I see! Maybe not. That's a pretty cool feature. Thanks for your response.


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