Problems using IntelliJ plugin

I have just upgraded Upsource to version 2 and tried to start using the IntelliJ plugin. We have som very strange behaviour in our development team, not all team members see the same Upsource plugin functionality and some can hardly use the plugin at all. All of us use the same versions of IntelliJ and plugin. Our problems are as follows:

- The team-members have different context menus when right-clicking in the code windows. Some have a "Leave a comment" line, while some dont have that option.
- Some team members cannot create reviews, while they can see created reviews.The error message that is shown in the IntelliJ event log is as follows "Upsource Request Error: Cannot find commit b121306ca812 in Upsource". The referenced commit definitivly exist.
- Some team members cant use the "Open in Upsource", the only feed back given is an error dialog "Cannot open file X in Upsource".

All can see existing reviews that have been created in the Upsource software directly and for those reviews the Open in Upsource works.
All the users have the same access rights in Upsource, all the users have a working connection as tested in the Plugin settings page.

I have run out of ideas, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hope I have missed something embarrassingly obvious...


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Hey Jesper,

As for different functionality for different users, could you please ask one of your team members who has restricted permissions to perform the following steps:

  • In IDEA menu go to Help -> Configure Debug Log Settings  
  • In the opened window put the following line  
  • Go to Tools -> Upsource, click on Change Hub User, relogin to hub with the same permissions (after that following message should be shown - You're successfully authorized. Now you can close this page and return to the IDE.)
  • Again in IDEA menu go to Help and click to Show log in Explorer
  • From the opened window copy all idea.log files and post it here.

  • As for "revision not found" issue, we are currently working on it, here is a bug to track the progress -

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Artem,

    OK here are the logs, this is what I did to produce them

    1- Added the

      log setting
    2- Exited the IDE and emptied the log directory.
    3- Restarted the IDE
    4- Relogged in as same hub user. <Everthing OK so far>
    5- At 2015-06-11 09:24 I right clicked in a random source file and choose "Show in upsource" (There still was no "Leave a comment" menu item). In the log a lot of stack-traces appeared claiming that a number commits does not exists in Upsource which they do..

    Attached is the log plus a screen dump from Upsource (To prove the commits exist ;-) ).

    Additional info:
    - We have more than one project in Upsource.

    Will appreciate any help.

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    Hi Jesper,

    Thanks for the info. Please watch UP-4190 for any updates.


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