Where is 'Close review' button for 'Developer' role

Hey All,

We have several teams, each team has several git-repos. So, we need several upsource-projects but we decided to use only one upsource-group per each team (in favour of easing access maintance).
So far, we created team upsource-group for 'Global' Project and granted standard 'Developer' role to it for each related upsource-project. After that our developers able to create review but being review's author they cant't see the 'Close review' button. This button become available only with granting them standard 'Project Admins' role, which is not appropriate for every developer.
We also tried to create groups within creating upsource-project itself, then put developer into newly created project-specific developer group - it was ok with 'Close review' button until we remove Developer from this group and then added them into it again - after that we also lost our button.
So, please advice, which options do we have: grant some specific permission from 'Project Admin'? (which one? our developers already have 'Edit Upsource Content' permission). Or may be there is right opposite way?

Thank you in advance!
We use Upsource Build 2.0.3462

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Hi Evgeniy,

By current Upsource architecture review can be closed by author of revision(s) or project admin. And unfortunately it's not configurable.

Our vision of review process is as follows:

User A makes a commit, creates a review, invites user B to join as a reviewer, User B accepts/rejects it, user A closes the review.
User B creates a review for commit made by user A, accepts it and then user A closes the review.

Perhaps not the ideal process, but will it work for you?
If not you are always welcome to submit a feature request in our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/UP

Thanks and hope it helps.


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