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I have to say I have found the Upsource UI to be practically incomprehensible since day 1. Maybe its me,  but I find I go around in circles over and over again.
For example - why does the logout menu item disappear?
Where is there a clear explanation of what applying Hub as a resource means.

But most of all, if I create a new project as admin, why do I not see any way to set up the SVN config. Isn't this supposed to come up automatically?

I still have hopes for this product.


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Hi Marvin,

Thanks you for your feedback and faith, we believe in the product as well :)

Upsource is still very young and we consider its current state to be more of a starting point. We really worry about product usability and convenience (unfortunately, it's not that good now). However, we're planning to make significant effort in that direction.

Regarding the mentioned use-cases - could you create corresponding tickets at the upsource tracker? It would be more convenient to discuss their implementation details/track progress.

Regards, Denis


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