Long term roadmap


I am very excited about this tool and plan to demonstrate it to my team.
We currently use TeamCity and JIRA.
There will be questions and comparisons to the Atlassian toolset.

Is the plan to have Upsource compete with Stash as well as Crucible/Fisheye? My team will be looking at Stash soon.
I would like to have a reason to stay with Upsource as long as I know a high level plan.

Please help me sell Upsource to my team :-)

Any help would be appreciated

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The long-term plan is to create a useful and convenient code-review tool (in the same way as we created TeamCity as a cool CI, IntelliJ as a cool IDE etc).

Please note that Upsource is still very young and it's appearance, feature set etc are constantly evolving, that's why it's hard to say what you get in, say, a year.

You mentioned that your team is going to compare different code review tools, so, we can help you here in a form of answering if/when particular feature is going to be implemented.

Regards, Denis

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Thanks for the reply.

I do have a few questions.

I remember seeing a reference to TeamCity integration on a roadmap on the old Jetbrains site.

I am wondering when we might see this?

When is the next EAP starting?

Thanks again,



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We plan to introduce simple TeamCity integration  in Upsource 3.0. Release is planned for the end of March this year. There you will be able to see build status for each commit on the Upsource main page.

As for EAP we don't have any estimates yet, please watch our blog for the corresponding update.


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I was wondering about the ability to see TeamCity change sets in Upsource.

It appears that this may be possible using:


Will there be a more direct integration or least a config example for Upsource?



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Well, we don't actually have a goal to make a new UI for TeamCity in Upsource. There will be a link (on revision in Upsource) to the build in TeamCity when you can check changes sets. That's it for now.


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