How can I initiate a review of some sub-directory (or multiple directories)?

We have a multi-module project stored in Git.
We try our best to keep new featuries in separate branches but we have to sync to master and sync our branches to master sometimes.
Imagine a feature which is used by other modules, it was merged to master multiple times on different stages (mock APIs, half-ready, fully-ready).
Now I feel like it's ready and I want to ask others to review it. However, I can't find a possibility in Upsource to review specific folders in the source tree.
When I select feature's branch it shows only changes since last merge to master.

What is the best way to review some folders? I know we are not doing it in the "right" way, but, we do need to sync to master even if a feature is not complete.

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Hi Oleg,

Unfortunately there is no way to create a review on folder or file in Upsource. In your case I would recommend you to use branch review and add all missing revisions to the review manually.


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