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We have an experimental installation of Upsource, it is working fine for last couple weeks. Now, our organization is switch git protocal from ssh to http. I tried to edit the project, and change git repository URL from ssh to http, and leave authentication method as "Anonymous" as the new http protocal will accept anonymous read access and only authenticate write access.
However, the test connection failed and I can't save the change, here is the error message displayed:

Test VCS connection failed.
Connection to VCS settings failed:POST returned a response status of 401 Unauthorized

I can confirm that the http protocol is working, as I can clone and checkout from another location, only not via Upsource editing project page. I can even create a new project with http git url, and it is working.

Any idea how to fix it?

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Hi Sinbadblue,

Thanks for your interest in Upsource.

To start the investigation we would need log files. So when you have a chace, could you please zip and send us (upsource-support@jetbrains.com) logs folder that is locacted under Upsource home directory


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