Plans on implementing Git hosting

Do you have any plans on implementing Git hosting?
I read it it's on the roadmap, but I wonder when can we expect the first version?
I'm hardly restraining myself from buying Atlassian Stash so please give my a hope ;)


Hi Shike,

We do recognize the priority of this feature and of course it's in our plans to include it in one of the future versions of the product. On the other hand it's really huge and great feature that would require some development efforts to implement, so most likely it wouldn't appaer in Upsource 2.0 (that is planned for release in May this year), but in some versions right after 2.0

Let me know if it helps..


Thanks Artem for the info.

I understand that it's a lot of work. I just hoped you started working on it some time ago. Well I guess it means the end of the year, right?



Actually we did start the development of git hosting sometime ago, but for right now there are no any defined estimates. I would say that the earliest when it might be released is the end of this year.


Any update on this? It used to be on the roadmap page, not on your website anymore but captured in


(just for some more context: We use Stash -> Bitbucket Server at work, and I HATE IT. It sucks for code review and it's slow. Would like a replacement. I tried out Upsource a few months ago and it's great; still trying to get us to purchase Upsource.)


Hi Jason,

It happened because of JetBrains site re-branding. With a new design and structure we just don't have roadmap page on the site anymore.

No worries about feature itself, it's still on the roadmap and we actively develop it. Most likely it wouldn't be included into the nearest Upsource release in March (just not enough time), but we definitely want to introduce it later this year.

Btw, do you know about 25% competitive discount for Upsource - ?



Thanks for the heads up on the competitive discount.

Do you have anyone in sales/marketing that could contact me on this? We have kind of a dilemma, we just acquired a company that has an unlimited license for Fisheye/Crucible, and it's going to make a hard sell to buy licenses for Upsource. My group is a relatively small group within the company, we're talking about buying a 25-license pack now; if we do that, there is potentially plans to expand to other groups -- but it looks like the competitive discount only applies to the first license purchase, and although that's certainly welcome, it's not that much of a benefit.


Hi Jason,

My name's Maria, I'm a marketing manager in the Upsource team. You can write to me at and we'll try to figure out a way to deal with your dilemma :)



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