Cassandra Keeps Filling Disk

How much space is required for Upsource?  I have added 15 or so projects and Cassandra has filled a 100GB drive now.  A couple of the projects have 200MB of data.  How much size is expected per project?  Is there a metric based on how may revisions and lines of code?



Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the reqest.

It depeneds on several criterias such as number of commits, number of zip files and so on and can take up to 30X from the repository size.


Is it possible to set the size restriction for the Cassandra/data folder? Because the size of the folder is only increasing.
Best regards, Sergii.


Hi Sergii,

Cassandra/data folder straightforward depends on the project repository size and all activities that happens within the project, so with larger project you would need more disk space for Cassandra DB.

Answering on your question - unfortunately there is no way to restrict the size of Cassandra folder.


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