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Hi SuperMan,


Following attributes will help you to reset Upsource admin password:






How to use it:


1. Go to <Upsource home directory>\conf folder
2. Create a file called upsource.jvmoptions
3. Put following lines into this file:
4. Restart Upsource and you’ll be able login under admin account with newpass password

Please let me know if it helps.

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Hi Artem,

I followed this advice and was unable to log in with error: "Incorrect username or password." on the hub when it restarted.

I am new to Upsource, and inherited an Upsource 2.0 installation that last saw code reviews a year ago.  The data and backups all seem to be on the file system but I just can't logon to see the web front end.

What do you think?


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Hi Artem,

This DID end up working.  I don't think upsource.jvmoptions was named correctly on my system before.

Thank you!

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Thank you for the update.


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