Multible Issue ID prefix?


is it possible to set up a Project with a more complex Issue Tracker Integration? My actual problem is - we use 'Jira' as Issue Tracker - that we have multible Jira-Projects assigned to a source project. So there are - for example - 'PRJ-123' and also 'FOO-678' and 'BAR-456' Issue IDs. In the project configuration of Upsource I can only configure one Issue ID pattern on a very simple level ('PRJ-{}' for example), as far as I understand it, resulting that these Issue IDs are recognised and correctly linked, but nothing else ('FOO-678' for example).

Is there a way to configure a more complex pattern or alternativly to configure more than one pattern? - In fact: I would prefer the more generic first solution. ;)



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Hi Torsten,

This functionality will be added in the next product version - 1.1

We plan to release it in Q2 2015.



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