How to enable notifications for line comments?


our Upsource installation has been configured for sending e-mails. However, there seem to be no notifications at all.

What I would expect is that when I comment on a commit, the author of the commit gets notified. Or when I complete a review, the author should be notified about the review.

Did I miss a configuration option here?


Hi Stephan,

To review your configuration and find out why notifications are not being sent, we would need Upsource logs. So when you have a chance please navigate to Upsource home directory, logs folder, zip and post all entire contents of the "upsource-frontend" folder.

Thanks in advance.


These logs contain a lot of sensitive information: Names of servers, projects, and committers. Before I clean all of those files, is there a special file you are interested in?


Please take a look into Upsource/logs/upsource-frontend directory, and grep lines with the "MailNotificationsManager" logger. This will give you a hint why mail isn't sent


Thanks, this helped. Apparently the user was not linked to the author of the commit. This is strange because both have the same e-mail address. It worked however after I edited the full name of the user.


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