Hi Jeremy,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Force push is not a best practises scenario and not recommended for usage. Thus it's not supported by Upsource. Branch review and code comments might be lost in such case.


I've tried just now, on Build 2.5.5047 .

I'm on a master branch in a private fork, which is perfectly valid and even recommended in some workflows.
I hope the comment will disappear sometimes later but now I can see both the original revisions and the new revision created by rebase -- that's great :).

I would like to associate these comments with a new revision now-  can you please consider adding the functionality ?
I mean I want to be able edit not only the text of the comment, but also the revision number. It would give Upsource considerable competitive advantage, namely for companies, where rebase is part of workflow .


Hi Rostislav,

We are not sure yet how to technically handle this scenario.. Please watch for the corresponding issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/UP-4188


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