Still indexing after 16 hours

I originally created my project and linked to the root of my Visual SVN repo. The indexing took about an hour to complete but I was not seeing any of the branch mapping on the left side. All of the commits looked to be in one branch. After reviewing the docs I realized that I should have created my project and linked it to the trunk (Master/trunk) of my repo. I deleted and recreated the project and it has been indexing for the last 16 hours.

Is there somewhere I can see the progress/status of the indexing?

It appears that deleting a (all) project and recreating puts Upsource in a bad state. If I delete all of the projects and try to recreate the one that was still indexing I will get the same "Project is being indexed, please check back later". To my users it looks the project is no longer there, even after going in and adding them to the new groups.


Hi David,

Indexing can take some time, especially for huge repositories. We have Indexing progress bar in our priority pool and it should be implemented in the nearest future. As for now some info could be found in Administration page - it shows earliest processed commit. Also please check the following file Upsource/logs/upsource-analyzer/errors.log for any errors or exceptions, if any, please post it here.


Like my update shows, I created a new project with a different name. I'll let this one run for 24 hours but having no progress or status it doesn't give me hope that it will complete.


Hello together,

i have the same problem.

I don't have any errors in the error.out, but a lot of warnings in upsource-analyzer-stderr.log like this one.

[Upsource Analyzer Error] [2014-12-14 11:28:00,738] WARN  ing send processor-1 urce.messaging.impl.Connection - Error sending message ''->'' on upsource~monitoring
[Upsource Analyzer Error] Die Verbindung wurde vom Kommunikationspartner zurückgesetzt
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at Method)
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at com.jetbrains.upsource.messaging.impl.SocketOutputStream$1.performIO(
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at com.jetbrains.upsource.messaging.impl.SocketIOWithTimeout.doIO(
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at com.jetbrains.upsource.messaging.impl.SocketOutputStream.write(
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at com.jetbrains.upsource.messaging.impl.SocketOutputStream.write(
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at com.jetbrains.upsource.messaging.impl.Connection.writeTo(
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at com.jetbrains.upsource.messaging.impl.Connection.write(
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at com.jetbrains.upsource.messaging.impl.MessagingImpl$
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
[Upsource Analyzer Error]       at

Could this be a problem?

Thanks a lot for helping.

The indexing has been running since Thursday. It's now Monday and it's still indexing.


I the log I see errors concerning project 'master'.
Was it removed?


Yes, I was trying to recreate Master and it wouldn't let me. So I created a new project svn-master.


Well, we had several issues when recreating a project with the same name, so it might be a case here. We'll be investigating this matter on our side.

For now I would suggest 2 options:

1. In case you have a backup of your project, stop Upsource, copy "conf" and "data" folders from the backup folder* and replace current conf and data folders in the
Upsource home directory.

* backup folder is located in home Upsource directory

2. Make a fresh Upsource install.


I did a fresh installation and now it looks good. Only 5 minutes for indexing.



From the given output it's difficult to say what really happened, so when you have a chance please zip and post all entire contents of the following folder <Upsource_home_directory>\log

Thanks in advance.


Having issues with trying to reinstall Upsource. I couldn't delete 3 of the CommitLog files so I rebooted the server. Now I'm seeing:

C:\Upsource\bin>upsource.bat start
Starting Upsource...
* Bundle is running in upgrade mode
* Loading logging configuration from C:\Upsource\lib\log4j.xml
* Redirecting Upsource 1.0 logging to C:\Upsource\logs\bundleProcess
* Configuring Service-Container[bundleProcess]
* Configuring Starting Page Service
* Configuring Apache Cassandra
* Configuring Hub
* Configuring Service-Container[vcsSettingsContainer]
* Configuring VCS Settings
[Upsource Error] [APP-WRAPPER] Failed to start the application: Failed to start
Upsource 1.0: Not allowed exit code -1 from process: bin/vcs-settings configure
[Upsource Error] [APP-WRAPPER] com.jetbrains.launcher.StartupException: Failed t
o start Upsource 1.0: Not allowed exit code -1 from process: bin/vcs-settings co
[Upsource Error]        at com.jetbrains.bundle.BundleMain.start(
[Upsource Error]        at com.jetbrains.launcher.AppProxy$
[Upsource Error]        at com.jetbrains.launcher.AppProxy$
[Upsource Error]        at
[Upsource Error]        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Thr
[Upsource Error]        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
[Upsource Error]        at
[Upsource Error] Caused by: com.jetbrains.service.util.StatusException: Not allo
wed exit code -1 from process: bin/vcs-settings configure
[Upsource Error]        at
[Upsource Error]        at
[Upsource Error]        at
configure( Using Java: C:\Upsource\intern
al\java\windows-amd64\jre (version "1.7.0_71")

[Upsource Error]        at com.jetbrains.bundle.Services.configure(
vcs-settings: Failed to configure JetLauncher: C:\Upsource\conf\vcs-settings\vcs
-settings.launch.config (The system cannot find the path specified)[Upsource Err
or]     at com.jetbrains.bundle.BundleMain.start(

[Upsource Error]        at com.jetbrains.bundle.BundleMain.start(
[Upsource Error]        ... 6 more
Upsource process finished
Launcher is exiting
Upsource failed to start.

This is after deleting and restoring the the conf and data directory from the EAP backup.


Looks like restoring configuration from backup isn't compatible with the other software on your computer. Better I couls say after inspection full logs from the Upsource/logs/ directory


Gotcha. The only configuration change made was to add our SMTP host.

I completely deleted and restored the Upsource directory and it is now indexing again with our Master repository.

+1 for adding commit graphs with SVN repo feature :O


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