Upsource cannot find dependencies in multi-module maven project

Hi All,

We've got a maven project with several sub-modules. Some of the modules depend on each other. We have a parent pom which lists all dependencies, also each module lists dependent modules too. Maven builds our project happily, e.g. it finds all dependencies.

When you browse source code in upsoure, upsource highlights some classes as they are unknown (red color), e.g. it cannot find some classes which are defined in a neighbour module. Although you can browse that neighbour module and find this class in there. Please see screenshot attached. Also, as you can see from the screenshot, upsource cannot find some external dependencies too, e.g. some classes from spring.

Please note, upsource does not hightlight in red classes which are located in the same module.

I've tried to define maven settings.xml for the project, and also I've specified maven profile with no effect.

Any thoughts?

Upsource does not mark external classes for some modules.


Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 08.55.42.png
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Thank you for the report. I've created the request in our tracker and assigned it to the responsible developer.

Thank you

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Hi, Vladimir!

It would be very helpful if you provide us with the following additional information:

1. all poms in the project (preserving directory structure)
2. the IDEA model generated by upsource, which includes the whole content of /.idea in the file tree and all the .iml files.
3. file ./idea/maven/mvn.out OR IF IT'S ABSENT grab the revision number from the file /.idea/ and find the mvn.out in that revision

This is quite a bit of hand work, sorry. We're working on automatic export of diagnostic information so it'll be much easier soon.

If you don't want to expose this information here please attach it to the corresponding issue in our tracker - (mark the attachment  only visible to Jetbrains team)

Thank you!


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