Performance Issues


The Upsource Frontend process constantly consumes 300-600% CPU. Could you please advice whether this is a normal behavior, or what could be wrong in my configuration?

I use this Docker image:

The server where Upsource runs is an Intel Xeon 3.7 GHz with 32 GB RAM. Ubuntu 14.04, JRE 1.8.0_66-b17. The only other non-system service running on the same server is YouTrack, but it barely shows up in the top in comparison to all Upsource processes.

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Not sure about the reason of such behavior. Could you please attach Upsource logs? 

Thanks in advance.


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It seems the problem has resolved after I made the following two changes:

  • There is/was a bug in AUFS, so I've switched to OverlayFS. You can find more information about that in UP-5924.
  • I've doubled Xmx in all conf/*/*.jvmoptions files.

Upsource now takes even more memory, but at least it doesn't kill the CPU, and no zombie processes.


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P.S. The logs were essentially empty.


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